Guap Coin Improper Shut Down  


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28/01/2020 11:54 am  

Yesterday evening, out of know where my wallet shut down.  I reopened it and it aske if I wanted to resync or abort.  I picked resync.
It is resyncing now but it continues to just shut down and I have to reopen and it just picks up from where it left off.  
Could someone please explain to me why it decided to shut down in the first place and continues to just shut down afterwards?
What do I need to do to prevent this from happening?

Thank You

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28/01/2020 7:06 pm  

Hi @kaymorawill

The wallet likely shutdown due to corruption in your local copy of the blockchain database. This happens from time to time with all blockchain wallets due to many variables related to your computer system (disk access and ram errors, anti-viral software, general operating system issues. etc.) and the wallet software. If a soft resync is not working to resolve the issue (and your wallet keeps crashing at start up) then you may need to manually remove the corrupted files and have the wallet rebuild the blockchain. In order to do this follow the instructions in the following article and use Method #3 'Manual Resync":

Hope this helps. Keep me posted on your progress. 


If the above does not work (and your wallet continues to crash at startup) then you can use the following steps to reindex the blockchain. Please note that instructions are not specific to the GUAP wallet but it essentially works the same. You create a shortcut to the guapcoin-qt.exe and add the '-reindex' modifier to the end the target field. Then you launch the shortcut and it should initiate a reindex.


Open your wallet folder, right click wallet-qt.exe file and click on create shortcut. Now right click the shortcut file, click on properties and edit the field labeled as target.

By default it should be something like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bitcoin\bitcoin-qt.exe"

To reindex the target field should look like this: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bitcoin\bitcoin-qt.exe" -reindex and to rescan the target field should look like:  "C:\Program Files (x86)\Bitcoin\bitcoin-qt.exe" -rescan

bitcoin wallet shortcut

Once -reindex / -rescan flag has been added to the end of the “Target” parameter, click apply and then OK. Now open this shortcut file to reindex or rescan your wallet. Once your wallet is fixed close your wallet and delete the shortcut file or you can keep it and use it whenever necessary. But do note that do not use these commands to open wallet every time. It is only to repair your wallet and once your wallet is fixed it is no longer needed.