Buying Black vs Spending Black

2020 – envision a whole new world of spending, a world where you can spend representing your affinity group. The most underrated feature of an altcoin is the ability to align people under one affinity group – and spend representing that affinity group. In the world of economics and business, the dollar represents no one group, so when a group is missing – or decides to withdraw their dollar – they leave no “visible” footprint behind for businesses. Businesses have to spend a great deal of money figuring out who their customer is and how to cater to them, but the consumer isn’t privy to this data. Imagine that the bottom line of a business – is comprised of various currencies representing diverse groups.

Within the GUAP community some of us visualize being able to use GUAP as a voice for the global African diaspora – essentially a way to unify like never before. We call this “spending black ” because unlike “buying black” we are not limited to where we get our products from but like “buying black” we can make a statement to the world highlighting our collective financial power.

How cool is that?